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A Reader's Guide to Marx's Capital

Marx’s groundbreaking analysis of capitalism retains its relevance today. This book guides readers as they grapple with Marx’s masterpiece, Capital.

Recent years have seen a resurgence of interest in Marx’s Capital inspired, in particular, by the crisis of 2008–9 and the period of slow growth that has followed. Marx was capitalism’s greatest critic and his work retains its relevance 150 years after its initial publication. Here, Choonara breaks down the thousand page text, making it inviting and accessible for the reader. A Reader’s Guide to Capital is an essential tool for students, activists, and others looking to read this classic text today.

Joseph Choonara teaches international political economy at King’s College London. He is the author of Unravelling Capitalism, a columnist for Socialist Review, and an editorial board member of International Socialism.

  • "Marx hoped that he would gain a readership among a working-class audience for his book. There have been a few past attempts at producing guides for readers to promote that objective: Choonara’s is by far the best." —Michael Roberts, author of The Long Depression


    "This book stands out as an accessible and lucid guide to Marx’s Capital. It cuts to the chase in clarifying the essence of his ideas...Choonara makes an important contribution to the intellectual tool kit for activists." —Jane Hardy, Professor of Political Economy, University of Hertfordshire


    "A Reader’s Guide to Marx’s Capital is a very valuable, clearly written and succinct aid to understanding Marx’s most important work."— Rick Kuhn, author of the Deutscher Prize winning Henryk Grossman and the Recovery of Marxism

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