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Struggle Is What Makes Us Human

Two brilliant minds look beyond capitalism, and chart a way forward for a planet ravaged by pandemics, a climate crisis, and wars. 

Struggle Is What Makes Us Human unfolds with a succession of interviews between Vijay Prashad and Frank Barat during the height of the pandemic, as the disease was overwhelming societies around the globe. In the context of this historic moment, Prashad and Barat discuss wide-ranging topics including globalization, neoliberalism, and socialism. They dissect the current bourgeois world order and analyze how a system that prioritizes profit over human life is incapable of confronting problems such as climate change, global health pandemics, and war.

Yet there is cause for hope. As Prashad brilliantly highlights in the book’s introduction:

This deterioration of living conditions that goes beyond the limits of endurance is met with ferocious resistance. The Indian agricultural worker’s and farmer’s revolt, the Kenyan and Peruvian health worker’s strike, the general protests of the poor in Tunisia, the struggles against the utter failure of the government to tackle the pandemic in Brazil, the mass demonstrations for the abortion law in Argentina: these are the contours of the uprisings of the people, what Hegel called ”the seriousness, the suffering, the patience, and the labour of the negative.” It is this “labour of the negative,” these struggles that are held up by organizations, these movements that are building the confidence and power of the working class and peasantry, that would be able to drive an agenda forward; they build the road by walking. So, let’s go.

Other books by Frank Barat and Vijay Prashad

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Other books of interest

  • My Seditious Heart

    In constant conversation with the themes and settings of her novels, the essays form a near-unbroken memoir of Arundhati Roy’s journey as both a writer and a citizen, of both India and the world, from "The End of Imagination", which begins this book, to 'Azadi', with which it ends.

  • Azadi

    From the best-selling author of My Seditious Heart and the Ministry of Utmost Happiness, a new and pressing dispatch from the heart of the crowd and the solitude of the writer's desk. 

  • Border and Rule

    An urgent, global account of the migration crisis and the function of borders across political, social, cultural, and economic systems.

  • Palestine: A Socialist Introduction

    Edited by Sumaya Awad and Brian Bean

    This edited volume makes an impassioned and informed case for the central place of Palestine in socialist organizing and of socialism in the struggle to free Palestine.

  • The Border Crossed Us

    A compelling argument that re-building unions requires solidarity with migrant workers and opening borders.